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p.motion studio consists of designers, directors, digital artists and developers. We use a multidisciplinary approach and believe that the collaboration of different minds is necessary to achieve results.

Identity →
Web/Mobile design →
Motion design & 3D
Illustration & graphics
Print & digital layouts
Generative design
Research & strategy
NFT creative production →

UI/UX Design
WebGL and Canvas
Interactive animation

Video production
Sound & music

p.motion is a creative studio specializing in brand development, digital design, video production, and photography for established brands, startups, and cultural and educational organizations.
Perpetual motion is a perpetual motion machine that takes energy from our movement to empower the new. An engine in which we are united by our drive, lifestyle, and thinking.

The movement dictates the need for constant change — this is the reason for our experimental approach to each new project.
Since 2014, we have been cooperating with clients from the creative industries, digital art, IT, and large industrial and manufacturing companies.
p.motion participates in field sessions, and special projects using multimedia design technologies. We conduct and participate in events, and advise on the development of digital and creative products.

We use our skills in non-commercial projects. Projections, interactive, performances, and other experiments for the sake of beauty are what inspire us to move on with even greater speed.

Kirill Galushko
Producing, film-directing
Sam Levchenko
DOP, motion design
Denis Levchenko
Art direction, creative strategy
Sergey Shilov
Digital, web-develop, weWizards founder
Liliya Idiliya
Visual designer
Grisha Shihkin
DOP, motion design
Anna Osinceva
Visual designer
Ann Anarchy
Head of brand strategy
PR, creative copywriter


Web-development department
Federal Center for the
Development of Professional Education in the Creative Industries

It doesn’t matter if we are familiar with your market or if you feel a strong love for the design. The only thing that really matters is that we are both ambitious.