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p.motion is a digital design studio working at the intersection of art and technology. We are developing the fields of digital art, web space, interactive design, 3D and animation.

is a digital design studio working at the intersection of art and technology.

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Game design Illustration Motion & 3D


Art Events Motion & 3D

Egor Kreed. Motion graphics.

Art Generative Installation Motion & 3D

Engram installation. Intervals Festival 2024

Art Events Generative Motion & 3D

Synergy show. Motion graphics

App design Branding Digital Motion & 3D Video production

Xstreet. Streetwear marketplace

Digital Events Generative

Digital Co-Host. Real-time Generative

Branding Content Motion & 3D

PFS. Rebranding

Digital Generative Motion & 3D Video prod.

Neimark 1.0. Generative avatar

Branding Digital Motion & 3D

ML One. Brand identity

Events Illustration Motion & 3D

Yandex 26. motion graphics

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Motion design & 3D
Illustration & graphics
Print & digital layouts
Generative design
Research & strategy
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UI/UX Design
WebGL and Canvas
Interactive animation

Video production
Sound & music

p.motion is a creative studio specializing in brand development, digital design, video production, and photography for established brands, startups, and cultural and educational organizations.

A team of digital pirates whose strengths are the ability to find ideas and implement them through bold graphics and sophisticated technological solutions. Our projects are based on an informal approach, the principles of independence, courage and hooliganism. We are not trying to find the line between the underground and the mainstream — we steal the best and create something that has no analogues.

perpetual motion is a perpetual motion machine that takes energy from our movement to empower the new. An engine in which we are united by our drive, lifestyle, and thinking.