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Video production

Cartier Juste un Clou project for British Higher School of Art and Design

1970's, New York — the era when the humanity was at its peak of musical, sexual and scientific revolutions. At which time Aldo Cipullo created the new piece of jewelry — the tight-fitting hand bracelet, which is based on the shape of the rounded usual nail. The concept of the video collage is based on the little pun where the name of jewelry collection — «Juste un clou» (Just a nail — from French), whereas it is not just a nail, it is a moment when the ordinary becomes part of the history, when the history becomes precious, a contribution and achievement in the field of art. The cocktail of the wild events, bold emotions and hard-core metaphors creates the identity and involvement of the bracelet in this period of time of non-conformism and avant-garde.

List of including videos:
Art od interaction, exhibition at MARS space
6.8 magnitude earthquake simulated by undeground nuclear explosion
New York Subway Graffiti in the 70's and 80's
Clockwork Orange trailer
Spiral Jetty, extraction movie, 1970
Feminist Gloria Steinem, 1971 CBC Archives
Fight of titans, Muhammad Ali VS Joe Frazier
Breakin' guitars Pete Townshend, The Who tribute video
Isle of Wight festival, 1970
Hippies versus reality
Apollo 17 mission, 1972, Eugene Cernan — «The last Man on the Moon», 2008
The solar eclipse in Varanasi — Wonders of the solar system, BBC
Eclipse Mexico, 1970
Python eats antelope, world’s deadliest, rock python
New dimension: first flight of the Boeing 747 superjet
Chris Dickerson, Olympia
Cyclone Bhola in East Pakistan (Bangladesh), 1970
Dexter Gordon and Kenny Drew — Pornography a musical, 1971
Tektronix 4010−4014 graphics 3D vintage computer
Classic game room — PONG for Nintendo DS
Pascal, «if, then, else» statements
Skateboarding, The Dog Bowl
David Hall, TV interruptions, Tap piece, 1971
Evelyn Roth, Woven in time
Studio 54, compilation
Extreme up, close video of tornado near Wray

Music — Gesaffelstein — Opr
Motto — Cecil Beaton

Art Direction — Michael Skachkov
Director — Kirill Galushko
Video production —

Gregoriy Shishkin,
Semyon Levchenko
Denis Levchenko

Illustration — Kate Nikulina