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Moscow zoo museum. Brand identity

The Zoological Museum of Moscow University are the oldest and largest museum in Moscow, where visitors can get wise to the diversity of modern animals of our planet and zoologists will find the richest scientific collections. The Museum was initially established in 1791 as a Natural History cabinet of the University, which contained a rich collection of plants, animals and minerals. From the beginning of XIX century institution has acquired the status of the Zoological Museum.

We used the already established image of the Russian desman to design the new logo in modern execution. As a basis for logo’s grid we took a flower of life and general layout was developing with it’s help too. As a result of works we’ve developed three different communication systems:·

For tourists: diagonal grid·
For professors: strict square grid·
For children: round-based grid

All three types of grid have one structure, so that’s why they harmonize with each other. The logo perfectly embeds in a format because it has the same structure as the layout. During the design developing we inspired by fractal structure which we can observe in the nature of the plant world. This conception was integrated in all Museum’s identity.

Navigation.The Museum has a three halls. We took basic characteristics of interiors (shape and color) to develop understandable and friendly navigation systems.

For children. For better communication with children we developed a special museum hero «Hoha». Hoha based on main Museum’s logo with Russian desman, but it was re-designed with friendly and illustrative presentation.

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