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Digital Events Generative

Digital Co-Host. Real-time Generative

Once again, the Nizhny Novgorod region tasked us with creating immersive graphics for an event with 2000 guests. This time, we needed to create a digital co-host — the embodiment of science, the future, and artificial intelligence. Its main goal was to interact with guests in real-time, entertain them, and create a sense of its real presence.

As a solution, we created real-time generative graphics that functioned seamlessly. Behind the scenes, an actress played the role of the co-host, engaging with the audience. As she spoke, graphics that reacted to the sound from her microphone were displayed on the screen. This algorithm, developed using the TouchDesigner program, brought the digital co-host to life. The scenes featuring the digital co-host were met by audience with enthusiasm and applause, deeply immersing the guests in the event’s storyline.

p.motion 2024

Denis Levchenko — Creative director, аrt director
Sam Levchenko — Creative coder
Nika Zhusueva — Project manager