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Branding Digital Motion & 3D

ML One. Brand identity

ML One is a Russian company with projects and offices worldwide, that offers innovative solutions for building the multilateral wells. Implementing these technologies will enable usage of domestic equipment in high-tech projects and, with the reduction of spendings, raise their profitability.

We have been collaborating with ML One since 2016, and during this time, we have created many projects on branding and communication: web sites, presentation and exhibition materials, 2D and 3D products. After years of productive partnership ML One approached us for rebranding and development of the brand guidebook. We received a task to show ML One’s equipment and the process of multilateral well completion in an accessible and modern way, with a specific accent on the presentation materials. We wanted to show the dynamic and contemporary spirit of the company.


The foundational and main element of the identity has remained almost unchanged, with a slight restructure and renewed color.


When creating the graphics, we were inspired by the physical characteristics of the multilateral wells and the company’s ambitions. ML One looks for new approaches for tackling challenges that others avoid.

Brand graphics that we created reflect transforming and a variety of views on one line. They also may be seen in the logo.

Graphics application

Visual language borrows its style from the technical materials: charts, schemes and sheets. Brand graphics and renewed color palette with sheets layouts and distinctive technical font, create the sense of innovation, but without losing the strict and technological style.

The company’s team consists of young people who are full of energy and drive. Sport is their source of inspiration, so they actively participate in charity runs. For such events we’ve created branded merchandise.

Presentation and images of TAML

Presentation materials describing the company and the innovative technologies it implements, have become an important tool for the ML One. As part of the rebranding process, we developed the graphics style for TAML and created detailed presentations showing every stage of the installation of multilateral wells.

We visualized all TAML systems in both 2D and 3D styles. We also prepared a graphic package for comfortable use in the presentations.

During the rebranding for ML One, we developed a brand guidebook, refined the logo, colors and fonts. We also created a unique graphic and layout style, drawed all necessary technical schemes and charts. On the basis of developed visual language we created presentation materials that became an excellent example in the industry.

p.motion 2023

Denis Levchenko — art direction
Liliya Idiliya — graphic design
Anna Osintseva — graphic design