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Nature is us.
Keep peace. Keep nature.

Generative mapping

Intervals, the International Festival of Media Art, is traditionally held on the territory of Nizhny Novgorod. The largest and unparalleled, Intervals unites adherents of the creative industry from all over the world. The mission of the festival is to make media art understandable and accessible to any viewer, regardless of place and time. In 2023, the works of media artists from Russia, China, Japan, Australia, Spain and Indonesia were presented on the facades of historical buildings and inside the leading art spaces of the city.

Generative mapping ‘Nature is us. Keep peace. Keep nature' by p. motion studio was broadcast on the facade of the Nizhny Novgorod Puppet Theater building for three days. The brief was provided a month and a half before the festival. The main task is to present audiovisual content on the topic of ecology and human influence on the planet. The technical requirements were to use mainly digital means, such as generative video art, frame-by-frame, collage, 2D and 3D animation. It was necessary to invest a full-fledged digital narrative in the timing of up to 1.5 minutes. The graphics style included the principles of pixelation of the frame, collages of generative graphics and nature frames, supported by dynamic audio — «acceleration» from quiet and slow nature to a dynamic, noisy city. At the same time, the main technique in our work was the antithesis — the sounds of nature correspond to the frames of the city and vice versa. Thus, we showed the mutual presence of one in the other, and created a unique manifesto. Our team won the Intervals 2023 Open-call. Generative mapping took first place in the competition.

Intervals festival 2023

«Today, each of us is a link in a huge chain of events. Everyone can influence how not only his fate will turn out, but also the fate of the whole world. Man is a creation of nature. Everyone is unique, everyone brings something of their own into this world, creates or destroys. However, it is crucial to remember that any destruction in this dynamic and variable world has irreparable consequences. Today it is important to get along with yourself. To keep peace. To keep nature».

In addition to creativity, we joined the educational program of the festival — Intervals Education. Denis Levchenko, Art Director of p. motion, together with Ivan Klindukhov, founder of schools and head of colleges of creative industries, held an open-talk on the topic of professional skills development practices for specialists creating interactive media and media art.

Simon Levchenko — editing, creative coding
Andrey Obydennikov — sound design
Denis Levchenko — art direction, creative coding
Lilia Idilia — design
Anna Osintseva — design
Kirill Galushko — editing
Nikolay Chistyakov — creative coding
Eni — copy (w)right

p.motion 2023