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Digital Generative Motion & 3D Video prod.

Neimark 1.0. Generative avatar

The IT Campus Neimark Award is an event aimed to acknowledge and support the leaders of the IT industry in Nizhny Novgorod region, named after Yuri Neimark, the Russian scientist and Nobel laureate. We were tasked to create a digital co-host of the event — the Neimark 1.0 system for communication with the audience, participating in the award nominations and for storytelling about the key facts of the scientist’s life.

As a solution we developed real-time generative graphics, implementing video footage. We conducted the shooting of the actress in a video-engeneering studio, the footage from it was displayed in real-time mode on the stage screen in front of the audience.
We developed the generative avatar and background scenes for intro, nominations and breaks. As a visual solution the mathematic formulas, photos and archival materials from Yuri Neimark’s life were used.

For implementing this idea the video-engineering studio was set up. With lights equipment and black background we created the perfect conditions for capturing the image of actress.

The picture was processed with a modified signal implifier, which has created multicolored and distorted effects in real-time. We also used digital video mixer, that provided us the additional control and gave us an opportunity to project the stable image.

Background images for award nominations were designed in accordance of the event’s theme. Mathematical formulas and calculations represent the vector of the Neimark IT Campus work.

p.motion 2024

Denis Levchenko — Art director
Sam Levchenko — Motion designer
Dmitriy Antonov — Creative engineer
Anna Osintseva, Lilia Idilia — Designer
Kirill Galushko — Producer
Nika Zhusueva — Project manager