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Art Events Motion & 3D

Egor Kreed. Motion graphics.

The Oops agency and Egor Kreed’s team approached us with the task of creating animated videos for his concert intro. Our goal was to develop three animated videos for Еgor Kreed’s tracks, including visual concept, graphics, and sound design.

In creating the visual sequences for the graphic videos, we were inspired from the lyrics and the artist’s creative style. The solution involved the use of 2D and 3D graphics, sound design, and motion design. Characters and objects were modeled separately to fill the space, and images on the posters were generated using AI.

p.motion 2024

Denis Levchenko — art direction
Dima Calculator — motion design
Liliya Idiliya — 3D design
Anna Osintseva — 3D design
Andrey Obydennikov — sound design
Katya Nikulina — storyboard artist
Nika Zhusueva — project manager