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PFS. Rebranding

JSC «PROMFINSTROY» is a multiprofile organization that has been providing a full range of construction services for industrial and civil projects for almost 30 years. This includes construction, installation, reconstruction, and commissioning.

The main task of the rebranding was to develop a new style for the brand that would highlight both sides of PFS: its strength and reliability, as well as its unique and innovative character. This involved creating a consistent system to build communication with the audience. The system is applied across various layouts — from printed and digital materials to uniforms and equipment.


The new logo is associated with a technological company that has an upward/forward movement vector. By avoiding the use of basic construction tools in the graphics (such as images of cranes, trowels, and welding), we infused it with new, deeper meanings, such as ambition and globalization.

The proportions and shapes of the logo were derived from the old one

For the logo, Cyrillic and Latin typefaces were designed based on the principles of the logo’s construction.

Brand Graphics

Conveys construction and emotional associations:

Staying up-to-date
Technological advancement

PFS has three graphic options that can be combined or used separately

A construction pattern, as a metaphor for the building process, represents the dynamics from thin elements to massive ones.

We developed a mobile app. When parameters change, new variations of the pattern are created quickly.

Depending on the color and forms of the pattern, an associative sequence is: digital, construction, movement.

The vector is a dynamic style-forming element derived from the logo. It is used as a background object in presentation layouts.

Transitions utilize techniques such as increasing the size of a block as it appears, layering, shifting to the side, and stretching the block to fit the format. One block always visually displaces another and takes its place. The number of blocks can vary as needed.

3D visualizations fully replicate the structure of patterns. By moving and altering objects, they evoke associations with building construction.

Final product

During the rebranding process, we developed a new and unique logo for the PFS company. We programmed a tool for quickly generating multiple brand patterns. Additionally, we integrated examples of animation and 3D work, which parallel its innovative character.

In doing so, we created a system of consistencies that build communication with various stakeholders: clients, partners, and employees. We applied this across different layouts — from printed and digital materials to uniforms and equipment.

p.motion 2024

Denis Levchenko — art direction
Liliya Idiliya — conсept design
Anna Osintseva — conсept design
Semion Levchenko — motion design