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Digital Motion & 3D


The task of the site is to sell products and be the business card of the brand. Present skis, riders, media content.

TWOOWT e-commerce is about flexibility. It makes it possible to quickly rebuild the content, display different categories of content: skiing, merch, photo and video materials. The design is fast and dynamic, filled with animations and video content. 3D visualizations and graphics present skis and specifications. Photo and video materials with riders demonstrate skis that can be used in parks, streets, and in deep powder, remaining the best.

Main page

The main feature of the main page has become a dynamic mosaic, where you can upload any type of content that is important to the brand now: the latest model of skis, sale products, and new photo and video materials. Flexibility allows you to upload a small amount of content, make the cards large, or build the first screen as a small mosaic.

Skis page

The page presents and sells skis. We have done everything to make it work. Visualized skis, with 360 view of them. We made graphics telling about shape, rigidity, and materials. Added rider views that show how and where the model can be used.

Fam page

The page tells about the brand.

TWOOWT it’s not an industry. TWOOWT it’s a family.

We introduce riders and talk about the relationship between the brand and people.

Media page

The page shows the life of the brand. It contains all the video materials, reports from trips and events, posters of upcoming events. There is a possibility of convenient filtering, sorting by date and keyword search.

Soft page

Thanks to the non-standard grid, the soft page looks like a gallery. We play with the size of the cards, focusing on the right merch.

TWOOWT e-commerce
p.motion 2021

Denis Levchenko — art direction, design
Liliya Idiliya — web design, graphics
Semion Levchenko — motion
Stepan Zadorin — 3D
Grisha Shishkin — video editing
Julia Romanovskaya — project management