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Xstreet. Streetwear marketplace

Xstreet was founded by a group of streetwear enthusiasts in Russia who recognized a gap in the market for a dedicated platform for streetwear resale. As streetwear culture gained popularity globally, the founders saw the potential to bring this trend to Russia, offering a space where sneaker lovers could buy and sell exclusive, limited-edition, and high-demand streetwear items. XStreet focused on creating a seamless user experience, investing in technology that made the buying and selling process smooth and secure, ensuring authenticity and quality control.

The founders knew that for XStreet to succeed, it needed to attract more than just hardcore sneakerheads. They aimed to be as cool as US platforms, with an identity that showcased innovation, dynamism, and style. However, XStreet struggled with building a strong brand identity, creating a compelling narrative, and developing a cohesive design and communication strategy. Despite having the technology and vision, these issues prevented them from engaging a wider audience.
To solve the problem, we created the brand platform, developed an identity, a promo website, a marketplace-app application and communication materials for social media.

Discovery and Research

We concentrated on studying case studies from popular streetwear resale platforms in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Additionally, we closely examined how Russian consumers behave when it comes to shopping. This helped us understand what works well in other places and what Russian customers prefer. Our goal was to learn from these insights to make XStreet more appealing to its target audience.

Brand Platform Keynotes

As the first-ever streetwear resale platform in Russia, our vision is to pioneer the streetwear culture in the region and become the main driver of its forward momentum.

Our messaging focuses on building culture and community within the streetwear scene. Through visually engaging content and edutainment, we aim to not only promote the platform but also educate and inspire the audience, fostering a deeper connection with the streetwear culture and community.

Brand identity

It was important for us to develop an identity that would be close to the audience. Dynamic merge is easily applicable for video content and animated graphics. The key element in the identity is the X sign, which is easily interpreted in layouts. It is a vector for controlling the viewer’s attention, placing key elements in the center of X: these can be streetwear attributes, slogans, photo and video footages. With this sign we say «Look here».

Content for social media

Our team has developed hundreds of promotional materials for insta, telegram and external screens in the form of animated and static shots, photos and videos. The main essence of which is to awaken the appetite for buying sneakers, show the benefits and features of the service, talk about the philosophy and mission of the company.

Promo website

We have developed a promo website Xstreet for webflow with the introduction of animations and an overview of the service. The site describes all the features of the application: a wide range of shoe models — more than 5,000, the mechanics of the platform and the advantages of choosing Xstreet for both sellers and buyers.


Mobile app

P.MOTION Studio is developing the design of a mobile application Xstreet LLC. We are working on the architecture of the application, new useful features for the user and the brand, and fully develop the UX/UI. At the moment, the application is already in the App Store and Google play, and includes a catalog, exchange mechanics with the ability to buy / sell a pair through bids, a schedule of price changes for sneakers, a legal check (checking for originality by photo), LC, and much more. Work on the application continues and every day we work on improving the UX and introducing new mechanics.

Overall Impact

With a clear brand platform, cohesive identity, and effective communication in place, XStreet are well-positioned to take the company to new heights in the streetwear resale market. The new brand identity have laid a strong foundation for scalability, enabling XStreet to expand reach and grow the user base.

XStreet has emerged as a dominant force in the Russian streetwear resale market, with a strong and recognizable brand presence that resonates with the target audience. The brand is associated with authenticity, innovation, and community, positioning XStreet as a trusted platform within the streetwear community.

Overall, our efforts have not only elevated XStreet’s brand presence but have also played a pivotal role in driving the streetwear culture forward in Russia.

p.motion 2024

Denis Levchenko — art direction, designer
Semion Levchenko — motion design
Liliya Idiliya — graphic design
Anna Osintseva — graphic design
Kirill Galushko — video production
Anna Zharova — brand platform
Nika Zhusueva — project manager