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Mashkow. Are u real

Mashkow. Are u real is an NFT collection made together by our team and the American artist and tattoo artist MASHKOW. The collection consists of 22 works and was exhibited in the SUPERCHIEF GALLERY NFT physical NFT gallery.

We transferred the artist’s work to the digital world. With the help of 3D graphics, sound design, and animation, art was revived, making it relevant for the NFT market. The second step is the creation of brand identity, presentation website, promotional materials, and preparation of gallery space for the exhibition.

The logo of the project is made in the graffiti style of MASHKOW and conveys the atmosphere of the New York streets and underground,

The presentation and opening of the drop took place in New York, at the Superchief Gallery NFT exhibition

Video report of opening

NFT Ariel on the billboard in Tokyo

Live website

We have designed a collection website where posters, trailers and the NFT collection itself were uploaded. The site uses Web GL technologies — integration of 3D objects into the scene. Animated art is uploaded to the start page, which allows you to present NFT art from the first seconds.

Nft art

The collection consists of 22 works. A lot of work has been done to digitalize the artist’s canvases and tattoos. With the help of animation, 3D, VFX, and 3D scanners, we have made physical art relevant to the NFT world.

Photorealistic portraiture, the subjects of which are covered with vandalism, is akin to any street in New York. Unique soundtracks and sound design featuring beat maker HEARSE. T (UK) and Hrust Mangusta immerse the viewer into the world we have created.

p.motion 2022

MASHKOW — Artist
DENIS LEVCHENKO — Art director, designer
SAM LEVCHENKO — Motion designer, VFX
6LADE_RUNNER — Motion designer
S2VBC — 3D, Motion designer
RACATOO — Illustration
HRUST MANGUSTA — Sound designer
STEPAN ZADORIN — 3D, motion designer
P-FAN — Copywriting
ONYX — Artist
HEARSE.T— Music composer

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