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12 apes NFT

The 12 Apes collection is a comment on the current state of web3 development and some kind of a statement of the change in celebrity status with the advent of the NFT industry, which allowed owners of «blue—chip» NFT projects to promote their own brand and monitor the elite status of the collection itself.

To engage the audience, we have developed an identity and website for the auction and minting of the collection, converted paintings into digital form, and prepared content for the advertising campaign.

The collection is a series of 12 1/1 tokenized paintings, originally painted in oil, dedicated to famous celebrities who own the outstanding and most notable collection of NFT — Bored Ape Yacht Club, combined with their digital counterparts BAYC. This collection is the personification of celebrity status in a new era in which the presence of web3 is becoming the dominant factor of fame and fortune.

Snoop Dog with the original art at BAYC.

The physical originals of the canvases got into the hands of American celebrities

A series of trailers for Instagram and Discord chat for the discord community has also been made


For the «minting» (sale) of NFT’s, an auction site has been developed, based on Vue 3 using the library web3.js. The contract is drawn up in the solidity language, and is placed in the Etherium blockchain network. Within 48 hours of the auction, the collection of tokenized art was sold and sent to the wallets of its owners.

12apes website→

p.motion 2022

MASHKOW — Artist
Denis Levchenko — Art director, designer
Sam Levchenko — Motion designer, VFX
Liliya Idiliya — Designer
Daniil Sarabyev — frontend developer
Sonya Sarabyeva — frontend developer
Daniel Sorokin — frontend developer
Alexey Glushkov — Project manager
Sergey Shilov — TL developer
Ruslan Zakirov — contract on solidity developer

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