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Video production

Task: to shoot a corporate image film for the largest brick factory — Braer.

Observing the history of the plant, its traditions, and its foundations, it becomes absolutely clear that the basis of everything at the enterprise is a Person. Loader driver or senior technologist, regional dealer, or molding operator. They are united by a great passion for their work and each has a goal — to produce the perfect brick.

The film is divided into several episodes, each of which is a documentary story with game inserts. Each story has its own dramatic and ideological basis, and its own meanings, which each of the characters personifies.

The geography of BRAER’s clients and finished objects is very wide, so the film was shot in different locations to show the full scale and beauty of the company’s products, as well as to add brightness to the documentary narrative — the Caucasus Mountains, objects in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

Episode 4

Agency producer: Kirill Galushko
Director: Pavel Bibik
Producer: Suzanna Mardini
DOP: Anton Petrov
2nd unit: Semen Levchenko
1st assistant DOP: Vladimir Borisov
Costume designer: Tonya Umanskaya
Production assistant: Grisha Shishkin
Editor: Benjamine Horn
Colorist: Nick Vavilov
Music: Ashot Danielyan
Sound design: Stas Pauschev
Sound editor: Max Nikolaev

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