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Digital Illustration Motion & 3D NFT

Crypto Graveyard

Crypto Graveyard is a portal to a bright and boundless ethereal world. A grave in the cemetery is a memorial, the NFT token is a portal through which holders can access rare artifacts and works of art.

Our idea is inspired by the rich visual images of American cartoons: Simpsons, Futurama, and South Park. Where tough situations and problems are shown through humor and made fun of. Therefore, the illustrations themselves, the website, the identity, despite being afterlife-themed, have a bright and positive character.

Crypto graveyard is a whole universe in the crypto world with its own jokes and the cemetery is just the first step.


The virtual foundation of our crypto cemetery has become an interactive website used as a portal for owners to access a digital territory filled with secret links, product releases, giveaways, art spaces, and many other things.


The main scene on the site is made using canvas, WordPress is responsible for the backend in Headless CMS mode, we have written a number of endpoints that allow you to flexibly edit objects on canvas, post content there and make new pages.

The process of minting — selling NFTs, was developed on Vue3 using the web3. js library. The contract is written in the Solidity language, is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain network, and includes options for Whitelists, Giveaways, and access to private pages.

The contract is written in the Solidity language and is deployed in the Ethereum blockchain network. Contract management is placed in a separate interface, where the entire front is Vue, and the entire backend is the Ethereum API. Access to contract management is carried out by checking the number of the Metamask wallet, whether this wallet is a contract owner

One of the interesting mechanics of the site is the ability to create new pages in the WordPress admin panel using Gutenberg Editor and hide their contents if the user has not previously bought tokens from the presented collection. Such mechanics provide expanded opportunities for marketing and PR companies


4444 years ago, an extremely powerful spirit was imprisoned. It was predicted that wandering souls would find their eternal rest in their graves, a miraculous phenomenon known to ancient civilizations as the Full Moon would cover the entire sky and lead to the manifestation of the spirit in the physical world and liberation from the eternal bonds of the graveyard.

What awaits this spirit in the future? What about us?

Since ancient times, there has been a division between those who are afraid of the coming of the Great Full Moon and those who are eager to see it.

The most significant day for all mankind is approaching.

The full moon is already on the horizon. Ancient legends say that this will be an event lasting for six whole days. Look at the sky as the event approaches.

The sages of history warned that one should not look at the moon for too long. But who really cares what the old people say?

We have no words… The messages have completely stopped. All we can see is a cosmic butt crack. It’s pointing at us. Atmospheric pressure feels as if it is leading to some kind of eruption.

All we can see is what appears to be a Crappy Asteroid accelerating at the speed of light into our atmosphere, aimed at the NFT graveyard.

A huge butt crack. Blinding Light. A Painful Smell. This is the end.

p.motion 2022

MASHKOW — Artist, Illustrator
Liliya Idiliya — Illustrator
Denis Levchenko — Art director, designer
Sam Levchenko — Motion designer, VFX
Daniil Sarabyev — frontend developer
Sonya Sarabyeva — frontend developer
Daniel Sorokin — frontend developer
Alexey Glushkov — Project manager
Sergey Shilov — TL developer
Ruslan Zakirov — contract on solidity developer

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