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ML-1 corporate website


ML One is a Russian company with projects and offices around the world offering innovative solutions for the construction of multi-hole oil wells. The use of technologies will make it possible to use domestic equipment in high-tech projects and, by reducing capital investments, increase their profitability.

We designed a corporate website that presents the company and projects. With the help of animated 3D visualizations, we talk in detail about technological solutions and how they affect the economics of oil wells.

The main purpose of the site is to improve the company’s image among customers and partners. We have made a technological design with the introduction of high-quality 3D visualizations. It was important for us to show that ML-1 uses not only innovative equipment but also treats digital products with the same attention.

The technology section demonstrates the effectiveness of ML-1 developments step by step. It shows how important it is to implement their equipment so that oil wells remain economically profitable.

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Denis Levchenko — Art director, designer
Sam Levchenko — Motion designer
Liliya Idiliya — Web designer
Alexey Glushkov — Project manager
Sergey Shilov — fullstack developer

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