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Content Illustration Motion & 3D

Sokrat. Brand identity

We are talking about the freedom that school gives. Personal freedom. Freedom of choice. Freedom to change.

Socrates is a center for foreign languages, where they provide an opportunity to gain new freedoms.

The Pranama font combines two opposite qualities. Classics and innovation.

p.motion 2021

Denis Levchenko — Art Director, designer

Lilia Idilia — designer

Kristina Savelyeva — illustrator

Stepan Zadorin — motion designer

Lisa Vorobyova — copywriter

Art Generative Installation Motion & 3D

Engram installation. Intervals Festival 2024

App design Branding Digital Motion & 3D Video production

Xstreet. Streetwear marketplace

Digital Events Generative

Digital Co-Host. Real-time Generative

Branding Content Motion & 3D

PFS. Rebranding

Digital Generative Motion & 3D Video prod.

Neimark 1.0. Generative avatar

Branding Digital Motion & 3D

ML One. Brand identity

Events Illustration Motion & 3D

Yandex 26. motion graphics

Art Generative

Nature is us. Generative mapping

Branding Motion & 3D VFX Video prod.

Mashkow Hustle butter

Content Digital Illustration Motion & 3D

Creatives and promo website for UVI x Svyaznoy Travel