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TWOOWT. Brand identity

The Russian brand TWOOWT produces and develops freestyle skis all over the world. Today it is a professional team of riders, artists, operators, and all those who make the brand.

The goal of rebranding is to create a new visual language that is close to the audience and presents TWOOWT. To tell about the experience, technology, and attitude towards riders.

We have updated the identity, opening up new communication opportunities for TWOOWT in graphics, photos and videos, web space, and TWOOWT YOUNG school.

Our style is bold and dynamic. It transmits speed and protracted departures with rotations. Emphasis is on video, and motion typography. After all, the main means of communication for TWOOWT are the video files of riders. We do not impose a visual superstructure on the brand, leaving the opportunity to express their voice through artists, and designers.


The basic and main element of identity, the rest of the graphics are based on it. The logo and TWOOWT are synonyms, they are equivalent.

The logo is variable and can be adapted easily to the environment. Simplicity makes it possible to merge comfortably with the industry: locations, riders, events, ski models, and festivals — making them part of TWOOWT.

The logo is a connecting element. He works in conjunction with the brand and the industry. Is the key to identification.


TWOOWT is a strong brand, its experience is time-proven. It’s not pretentious, but it respects the audience. It is professional and without unnecessary jargon.

The font helps to express the essence of the brand. For communication, we use simple but capacious constructions that are easy to grasp. Extreme people are people who live by drive and speed. They have no time to read long paragraphs, especially if they are rushing down the mountain.

DRUK. It has many shapes, creating variability. Expresses the right mood through the font: strict, hip-hop, fast, powerful, reliable, stable, sporty, dynamic.

Type.today Studio

Corporate. It helps to exhale, to pause. To emphasize the seriousness of intentions.

Roboto is a technical font for describing technologies, in brochures, instructions and on the website.

We have created a series of pictograms, diagrams, and graphs explaining the design of skis, technology, and adaptability to different styles of skiing.


The YOUNG line can go beyond just children’s skis. We develop the industry and create TWOOWT SCHOOL, as well as organize camps and competitions for children and teenagers.

TWOOWT serves as an example

TWOOWT YOUNG helps to make the first step

Identity in videos

Motion, kinetic typography, and the dynamics of mounting construction are the main tools for brand identification in videos.

They allow you to create simple, but capacious semantic constructions.

Through them, it is possible to connect meanings, tell stories.

In animation, as well as in skiing, two dynamics are combined: breathtaking speed and smoothness, hovering on jumps.

Photos of skis

We took photos of ski models. Dark background and bright contour light demonstrates the shape, design, highlights the edges.

Without unnecessary retouching, we show the skis as they are.


E-commerce website with interactive 360 renderings of skis. Presentation of riders, companies, and events


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Denis Levchenko — art direction, designer
Liliya Idiliya — graphic design
Semion Levchenko — motion design
Stepan Zadorin — 3D

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