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Educational portal “Investor School”


Layout and programming of the educational platform for beginners and advanced investors of VTB Bank on Bitrix

The website is a complex structured learning platform with a personal account, courses, webinars, podcasts, personalized content for corporate clients of the bank, author’s articles, tests and interactive sections

Courses section

Courses for beginners and advanced, consisting of lessons, are available to each user of the site. After completing the course, the result is saved in the user’s personal account. There is a system of progress and bonuses

Play section

As part of interactive learning, we developed several interactive calculators and tests so that users can test their knowledge in a game format. A number of calculators use third-party APIs to connect quotes from exchanges

On Air section

Live online conferences on the bank’s Youtube channel and passed webinars can be watched in the «On Air» sections. Functionality for timecodes, as well as for delayed streams and private webinars with access via links has been implemented.

Personal account

All information about the progress of training, viewed webinars

Section for corporate clients

Customized content for bank customers. From tests and calculators to webinars and special articles

The website admin panel

A rather complex admin panel on Bitrix, where it is possible to flexibly manage content, place it in a certain order on different pages according to the bank’s design system, create and differentiate content for private and public users according to the rules of viewing

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